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Default Speaking of Chili, anybody got a Chili con Carne recipe featuring smoked brisket?

Chef Juke wrote:
> Well???
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Assorted chiles (pasilla, poblano, serrano, jalapeno), seeded and
Large yellow onion
Dried chile (New Mexico, California)
Garlic - clove and granulated
Liquid (water, beef broth, beer)
Smoked brisket/bark/burnt ends - rough chopped

If you must -
1 can peeled tomatoes

Never -
Beans of any kind

Chop chiles and throw in heated pan with some olive oil. Cook until
beginning to soften. Add chopped onions and garlic cloves. Cook on
med-low temp until onions get near see-through.

Add dry spices and cook for an additional couple of minutes. Add
cooked ingredients and enough liquid to a blender (or use an immersion)
to whizz into something resembling moderately chunky salsa. If using
tomatoes, crush by hand (over pan) and add in with liquid. Simmer a
couple minutes, then add chile mixture to pan. Taste and season as

Add liquid and simmmer for an hour or so. Add meat and more liquid, if
needed. Simmer another hour or two. Re-season at end, if needed.

Enjoy with a slathered up square(or 2) of Yankee Cornbread, and a bit
of grated sharp cheddar on top.