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Default Speaking of Chili, anybody got a Chili con Carne recipe featuring smoked brisket?

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> Chef Juke wrote:
>> Well???
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> I don't really have a recipe for it, but I make it periodically for a
> quick meal.
> I typically smoke a big honkin' brisket and then portion, vac bag and
> freeze it for future use so I normally have smoked brisket on hand.
> I typically dump a small can of crushed tomatoes into a saucepan, add
> chili powder and cumin and heat it for a few min while I semi-defrost
> the brisket and chop it up a bit. Dump the chopped brisket in and
> continue heating until it's sufficiently hot. Certainly not a fancy
> competition chili, but it normally comes out quite good.

I would say pretty much any chili made with smoked brisket will be
better than the original. I sort of do the same thing Pete mentions -
just sort of wing it and do it by feel. I like to add specific chile
powders to taste rather than the blended chili powder, plus onions,
green chiles (hatch if possible), garlic and a few other things. A
couple of bottles of Shiner Bock give it a nice touch as well.

The one thing I would say above all else - NO BEANS.