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Default Filthy airplanes

-L. wrote:

Gregory Morrow wrote:

IMNSHO you are simply a white middle - class consumerist entitlement moo.

Um, no asshole, I'm a multi-ethnic, upper-class, PNB. Not that it
matters to me - or that you'd know the difference.

You went to China to adopt some kid

My son is American. African American. So I guess that blows your

Has your son even been to Africa?
Why is there a need to specify him as African-American?
White people don't normally go writing that they are European-American.
No wonder there is such a separation of races in this country. Some of
us can't think of ourselves as simply "American".

Regardng the urine, etc. If no one tells the attendant, how are they
going to do something about it. After all, do you believe they put the
urine on the floor?

It seems that Morrow added, to the list of newsgroups
this was posted to. God, what an idiot.