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Default Filthy airplanes

Gregory Morrow wrote:
IMNSHO you are simply a white middle - class consumerist entitlement moo.

Um, no asshole, I'm a multi-ethnic, upper-class, PNB. Not that it
matters to me - or that you'd know the difference.

You went to China to adopt some kid

My son is American. African American. So I guess that blows your

like the rest of us would go to a pound
to adopt a kitten or a puppy or to Best Buy to buy a teevee, I guess all
the US - born kids who very badly need homes weren't quite "up to snuff" for
you so to speak.

This is really cherry in light of the truth...LOL...

This marks you as another "Look at MEEEEEEEEEE...!!!"
breeder...with NO regard to those around you. I surely feel sorry for your

I feel really glad you don't have any.

You sound like you have some kind of "anger managment" issue and I'm sure it
won't be too long before Child Protective Services comes a - knockin' at yer

Looking in the mirror again, Rump Ranger?