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Default Sourdough Starter Correction for "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" Readers

Dusty Bleher wrote:
> I get depressed by statements like "yeasts need air to breathe", and
> "yeasts
> love oxygen" as such statements imply microbiolical ignorance.
> [10-4 that. I was thinking it...but have learned that many reading
> here would rather bask in ignorance then have the foundations of
> their "beliefs" shaken by facts...<big sigh>.
> Good post, Dicky.
> [L8r all,
> Dusty - posting from Everett, Wa. at the moment...]

Hi Dusty,

do they? Who are they that you're afraid of upsetting? It's easy to
debate with an imaginary opponent. So what, if someone gets a bit
'upset' that you've challenged their belief. Bring it on is what I say.
I used to be a monk but I'll happily debate what people have to say
about the subject without any attachment. Sometimes chuckling to myself
though, even scientists can come out with superstitious, unfounded,
ignorant crap. The times I've heard some well know phd talk about
something as though it were inherent. What gets my goat though is when
some just says "Pile of Crap" then signs off. What use is that? And
what's more frustrating I've seen some of the more intelligent and well
read posters doing it.

If you're going to refute someone's statement, and again, bring it on,
then do it with reason. Then what does it matter if someone gets their
knickers in a twist? They'll probably be glad if it later. And if they
aren't, tough. You can't please everyone or control their thoughts.
We've had our differences but honestly Dusty, I don't have any bad
feelings towards you, Dickey or anyone else. You've told it like you
think it is many times. Though I haven't always agreed with what you've
said it's been worth saying and often made me re-evaluate my opinions
on the subject. I think that's great. If it weren't for you, Dickey and
some of the others I'd still be using the sponge technique and
listening to old grannies going on about what their granny did. lol