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Default Sourdough Starter Correction for "The Bread Baker's Apprentice" Readers

"Dick Adams" > wrote in message

Yeasts are facultative aerobes, meaning that they can switch, under
certain conditions, from anaerobic metabolism to aerobic. However,
it is quite likely that dough and starter fermentations are
[Agreed, except that I'm not convinced that the dough portion of the
process is anaerobic--maybe, but I'm not certain.]

and that stirring effectively speeds fermentation by repositioning
the yeast
cells with respect to their nutrients, which are depleted in their
by their metabolic activities.
[Yep. While I've not used the "aeration" method myself, yet. I'm
certain that Reinhardt is telling it as he sees it. His
"leuconostoc" approach seems to have some I seem to
recall being bit by that same thing. With a bit of success I may
get a chance to test that theory in the next few weeks...]

I have several (more than 6) times seen the false coming-to-life of
dry cultures mentioned by the subject author. Somewhere at r.f.s. I
reported on that. It is my experience that there is no possibility
of recovery
from it, other than back to square one. Possibly, as the author
suggests, a
specific microorganism, e.g. * leuconostoc*, can be implicated.
[Yep. Same here. What I don't know for certain is would they have
"recovered" if I had waited long enough. Mostly I get mad and ditch
the lot when it doesn't work right.]

I get depressed by statements like "yeasts need air to breathe", and
love oxygen" as such statements imply microbiolical ignorance.
[10-4 that. I was thinking it...but have learned that many reading
here would rather bask in ignorance then have the foundations of
their "beliefs" shaken by facts...<big sigh>.

Good post, Dicky.

[L8r all,
Dusty - posting from Everett, Wa. at the moment...]