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Default Where's everybody gone?

lesley the lying slut of Cork lied:
"Leif Erikson" wrote in message

William wrote:

ball wrote:


I very much doubt that.

Thank you.

Did he provid you with some animals?

[snip shit flood]

sexually aroused by violent ex-convicts

Yeah right.

She was married to a ****ing British skinhead, you idiot!

Texan SHARP,

Your ex-husband was a skinhead, you lying slut.

The guy was an ex-convict.

He did a stint in prison.


He was a skinhead when she hooked up with him. That's *why* she got
together with him: she was aroused by it.


No, true.

You can't possibly know all that. Soryy, but I don't believe you.

I do know all of it.

Deductive as ever.


Then you should be quiet and stop all your nonsense.


Why did you cut, you chickenshit closed-minded ****wit?


She went out of town, and he got into her computer and
started posting, right here in this newsgroup - a lot
of wild, violence-tinged stuff. He found and began
posting in some skinhead-oriented groups as well. Here
is his post: He was using
her computer and her pseudonym at that time, "lilweed".

Following an inappropriate comment to a serious accident.

I gave him free rein.

I was never a skinhead.

Bullshit. You were a Chelsea - he told us.

If I were, I would freely say so.

No, you're a born liar. You're embarrassed by the
episode, little lying Chelsea.

your closed-mindedness.

'There are those who believe that science is not just mistaken
on some interesting theoretical possibilities, but IRREDEEMIBLY
wrong on the most fundamental questions science can ask.

And those people are called "kooks", and you are one.
So is billy.