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Default Butavan???

"Diane W. Saunders" wrote in message
Just went on a cake decorating website (Earlenes cakes) and there is a
recommendation for Butavan. I, novice that I am, have never heard of
Butavan and need to know if any of you out there have used it and
recommend same. As always, my thanks for all responses.

It is the brand name of a flavoring agent used in cakes. It is a BUTter And
VANilla flavor emulsion, thus the name Butavan. If you are going to
consider a flavor emulsion, I would suggest that you also try crème bouquet.
It has a more delicate floral/vanilla flavor with a hint of citrus. You can
substitute any extract that you would like if you don't want to use the
Butava. One alternative would be to use vanilla and butter flavor, although
I think that butter flavor has a strange rancid overtone to it, so never use
it. If you need a source for these flavors, you can get them online from