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Default Grenache........

He uses all of the skins, seeds and pulp in the must...1/2 of the juice.
Bill Frazier

"spud" wrote in message
Bill, then the Grenache contribution to the blend is 1.5 lugs?

Steve noobie

On Fri, 07 Jul 2006 03:27:33 GMT, "William Frazier"

A fellow in our wine club make an excellent, fruity wine using central
valley grapes that are shipped to the Kansas City area every fall. His
blend is 3 lugs Syrah, 2 lugs Grenache and 1 lug Carignane. He cold soaks
all crushed grapes 3 days before pitching yeast. He sets 1/2 of the
Grenache juice aside to make a rose. All are fermented separately and are
blended after malo lactic fermentation. I grow my own grapes but his wine
is so good I'm tempted to make his recipe from California grapes this

Bill Frazier
Olathe, Kansas USA

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Perhaps it's a bit early, but I'm starting to think of this falls grape
purchase and crush. Last years Cab. Sauv./ Zin blend is showing
promise. This year I want to try some Rhone grapes I've been thinking.
Has anyone had any luck with Central Valley Shiraz or Grenache? Thanks
for your replys.......Andy j.