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Default Convection microwave vs reg microwave and toaster oven?

Steve Calvin wrote:

I like to cook things and the convection would be
indispensable for that.

Such as what?

Can you give me some examples?

It might help my decision if u can

Reposting original post:

If it were me, I'd go with the micro/convec. We have a GE
Profile combo unit, albiet a built-in over range model.

No, the micro and toaster oven can't do everything that a
micro/convec can but a micro/convec can do all of what the
other two can and more. BUT, maybe not as fast in the case
of the toaster oven.

I'd probably go with a micro/convec *and* a toaster oven.

Micro/convec can obviously do normal micro functions
It can do regular oven functions
It can do both at the same time
A lot of the combos have pre-programed "sensor cook" type
functions. Ours has them and I just put chicken or whatever
in and hit the "sensor cook chicken" button and it handles
figuring out how long to cook it, powerlevels, etc. It does
a pretty good job at it. The chicken comes out done and the
skin is crispy. As for roasts, ours has a temp prob so I
use that for them and take them to -5 or -10dF of the final
required internal temp and then let them rest. Again -
decent browning.

Advantage: You can do roasts, chicken, turkey, etc in the
micro/convec in probably 50-55% of the standard oven time
BUT you still get browning which definately improves the
taste as well as the looks.

If you have the time and want to use it as a "normal" oven
without any microwave, you can. Cassoroles, lasagna, mac &
cheese, yada yada yada...

BUT, the oven function of a micro/convec is not as fast as a
toaster oven for things like warming pizza, doing bagles,
etc, so that's why I'd opt to have a toaster oven as well if

Just my 2 cents...