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Default Convection microwave vs reg microwave and toaster oven?

Steve Calvin wrote:

Advantage: You can do roasts, chicken, turkey, etc in the
micro/convec in probably 50-55% of the standard oven time
BUT you still get browning which definately improves the
taste as well as the looks.

You see..the ting is that a combo oven is bulkier and
heavier than standard microwave oven. So I'm thinking
maybe easier to move tow smaller lighter un its (
microwave and toaster oven)... than combo unit

That's certainly true. It's totally dependent on your wants
and needs.

The way I cook, it'd be a no brainer. I'd go for the combo.
But that's just me and may not be what you need.

I like to cook things and the convection would be
indispensable for that. For just warming and heating things
up, cooking frozen food, etc the microwave would be fine.

Depends on your intended use.