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Default Convection microwave vs reg microwave and toaster oven?


I will be a college student soon

That means moving furnishings back forth between home
and apartment at school

I will be an adult college student so living alone in
apartment... NOT in dorm

Should I shun buying a bigger heaver more expensive
combo convection microwave over say a cheap reg
microwave and toaster oven?

Will the two cheaper units (toaster oven, reg
microwave)..... do everything a combo oven will do?

You see the combo ovens are bulkier and heavier as don't want to have to haul that around if


I've owned exactly two micro/convection ovens since 1981. One finally
bit the dust and I immediately bought another just like it. I wouldn't
be without mine, much more versatile than a plain microwave and more
efficient than a toaster oven.

The cook book that came with mine has many interesting things you can do
plus they cook with both microwave and convection on many things. If
you're going to be cooking in it you can do more recipes than you can
with either a microwave or a toaster oven. If you just want to make
instant coffee, instant soup, reheat cold pizza, and things like that
just get a microwave. If you want to cook full meals you can do that
with the combo micro/convection with ease.

As an aside, both of mine have been Sharp carrousel units and I've been
very pleased with them. They aren't cheap but they are sturdy and do a
good job.