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Default 100% Natural?

Kent sez...

> "Steve Johnsenson" wrote:
> > Are there any soft drinks distributed in the U.S.
> > that use real sugar?

> The majority of them by sales volume, which, along
> with the huge quantities of soft drinks consumed, is
> a major part of the reason why 66% of adults in this
> country are obese.

::does doubletake::

Yikes, I was looking on info. about Tequila, and I find...
Kent Paul Dolan. :-) You sure do get around. Where will
I see you next, rec.vehicles.norwegian-pogo-sticks ?

Anyway... sugar... ok at nighttime, but if I eat it in
the day, it puts me to sleep.

Re. colas (and other such soft drinks), I don't like em;
too acidic, too bubbly, too harsh. Gimme coffee, tea,
milk, wine... or tequila. Or water. (Real water, not
the revolting clorox they pipe to our homes.)

> For example, convenience stores here sell "single
> serving" soft drinks in a size close to two liters
> (1.87, if I recall the conversion correctly), which
> "contains enough sugar to cause diabetis in one
> dose" (well, not quite, but...).

Who sez that's supposed to be "single-serving"? I don't
recall seeing any such thing on 2-liter soft-drink bottles.

And where are you getting 1.87-liter soft drinks? Most of
the soft drinks I've seen on store shelves the last 20 years
have been 0.75, 1.00, 1.50, or 2.00 liters. Just curious.

Robbie Hatley
East Tustin, CA, USA
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