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Default 100% Natural?

Steve Johnsenson wrote:

> Dr. HotSalt wrote:
>>Steve Johnsenson wrote:
>>>"filtered carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, natural citric
>>>acid, natural flavors, natural potassium citrate"
>>>just keep tacking the word natural on the front of everything....

>>>whatever happened to good old fashioned sugar anyway?

>> Too hard to synthesize.

> How's that?
> Are there any soft drinks distributed in the U.S. that use real sugar?

Apparently, the real reason is the farm subsidies pad to corn growers,
which makes corn amazingly inexpensive to produce. So corn sugar
becomes significantly cheaper than cane sugar, which is why it's
everywhere now, and why corn is the standard cattle feed now, even
though it's nt all that good for cows.

But I have no idea if there are any major sodas that use sugar. I'd
expect that plenty of small, boutique or regional makers use sugar, if
for no better reason than to distinguish themselves from the majors.

Gunther Anderson