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Default egg sizes / different uses?

On Sun, 11 Apr 2004 21:31:07 -0400, "Hal Laurent"

"Bob (this one)" wrote in message
JLove98905 wrote:

I always buy "large" or "jumbo" eggs. I never really think about it.

What are
some uses for smaller eggs?

The very small ones are broken for pasteurized and frozen
distribution. The rest can be found at retail.

Around here (Baltimore) it's become darn near impossible to find
small eggs anymore at the retail level. Just like it's impossible to
find 3 pound or less chickens.

Hal Laurent

I find that when a recipe calls for a small egg (and some recipes I
have do actually do this), I simply discard about half of the white of
a large egg, thus reducing the egg to a smaller size. I don't think
the yolks make a lot of difference, but mine is only my own experience
after all.