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Default Need a Better Electric Stove

On 11 May 2006 15:21:38 -0700, wrote:

>> I'm on my third smooth cooktop range, and I know many others with
>> smooth cooktops. Not one has had any of those problems.
>>to a bridge element? I haven't.

>Try this:

Wow! What a collection of low-IQ dips who can't follow written instructions!
They make USEnet look like a Mensa convention.

Wonderful tidbits like "Out of the 22 pots and pans we have - all calphalon or
Mauviel (very expensive copper that we received as wedding gifts last year) -
only 5 or 6 will FIT the burner size."

There's not one useful item of information on that entire page of misinformation
and old wives' tales.

-- Larry