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Default Need a Better Electric Stove

On Wed, 10 May 2006 15:11:04 -0400, "Dee Randall"
> wrote:

>Geez, Larry, you must be made of money! (;-)))
>Just kidding, I'm so glad you got what you want. Makes life a little nicer.

Sometimes it feels like we're bleeding money on this project... 8

Late last year, we made the decision to stay in this 18-year-old
townhouse at least another five years, until I (probably) retire.
Since we've had a big housing boom around here, we decided it was time
to refinance the house, take out $50K, and re-do the kitchen, rec
room, and carpeting. I don't think we'll lose anything on the

Painful, yes, but we both like to cook, and we'll get to enjoy this
kitchen for a while. It's been a huge pleasure for the last month
having nothing but drawers -- no more bending down or kneeling to find
those well-hidden pans.

But we're already taking notes on what we'd do differently next time
-- maybe when we build a retirement home somewhere.

-- Larry