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Peter Lampione
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Default Good stock pots for boiling water on ceramic top range

What are the best pots for boiling water quickly over
a smooth ceramic glass top electic stove?

The pot needs to be lightweight (less mass to heat), except
that the bottom has to be flat, and as good a heat conductor
as possible.

The pots I see most often mentioned in these newsgroups
(such as All-Clad, Calphalon), are very nice and heavy weight,
and thus heat up slowly.
I have a wonderful Lagostina Irradial (4 qt), that has a
somewhat this but well made aluminum/stainless steel bottom (ready
also for induction!), and very this stainless steel walls.
However, I'd like to have one or two more, in sizes 6 and 8 qts,
and I don't seem to be able to find the Lagostinas easily (I bought
it while traveling).

What are the best stock pots for ceramic ranges, in terms of speed
of cooking?

Many thanks,