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Geoff wrote:
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Dan Logcher wrote:

Subject: Sashimi Picnic

Is that an Onigorishi you're drinking?

Hai! Wakatake Junmai Daiginjo "Onikoroshi" desh'ta. Ooooishi!

I'm an Otokoyama guy myself. Not because my yama is impressive, though.
I lived on Hokkaido near Sapporo (Chitose, actually) when I was an otoko
no ko and Otokoyama is a Sapporo sake.

Hokkaido is famous for many things beside your yama! Or did you mean your
yawa? ;-D Koi, too, if I remember right.

Anyhow, the label says Shizuoka Prefecture, near the Oi River. When I come
across a truly exceptional sake, I keep the empty bottle 'til I replace it.
I'm about due! Takezo-san?

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