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Default stopping 2nd fermentation

Tom S wrote:
"pp" wrote in message
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned yet that adding sorbate to wines
that went through an ML is a big no-no as it's a pretty sure way of
ruining your wine past any recovery. ML bacteria in contact with
sorbate will produce a geranium off-odor.

That's not quite right. Running ML on a wine _after_ it has been sorbated
produces the geranium smell.

Tom S

Ok, I stand corrected, didn't realize the sequence mattered this way,
and it does make sense. But I'd still think there is some danger of the
geranium smell happening when sorbate is added after ML - if the
sulfite level drops down to the point when the ML bacteria become
active again. Although at 17% alcohol that wouldn't be an issue in this