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Margaret Suran
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Default PING: Chef Hartmut

"H. W. Hans Kuntze" wrote:

Margaret Suran wrote:

The first Sachertorte will have to be huge if you only get one out of
all these ingredients. What size baking pan do you use for it?

10" round, standard size.

Cakes are scaled by weight, usually 16-18 ounces for foam type batters.

Higher for high ratio and pound cake type batters.

So this recipe would yield 42 pounds of batter, make 32 cakes, standard
load for our ovens.
Your need may vary, depending on usage and equipment.
Just adjust the formula for your bake shop.

Of course, if you need smaller amounts, use one of the homemaker recipes.
Provided you can translate.


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Thank you. I couldn't imagine that a cake that requires 7 1/2 lbs of
egg whites and four pounds of sugar for just the meringue, was meant to
be baked in one regular baking pan. MS