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Default Baking cakes in foil pans

(ms. tonya) wrote:

A person asked in another NG about baking butter cakes in foil pans to
take to her husband's office party so she wouldn't have to drag her good
pryex pans home.

I have never bake anything in these and am wondering how good they do
baking and be concern with burning because of the lightness of the pans.

Once you get the pan into the oven, it will bake just fine. If you're
using a large pan, you may need to use a peel to get the pan into the
oven (sometimes the larger pans will buckle from the weight of the
batter). I use them fairly often. You may want to check for doneness
5 minutes before you usually do, especially if you usually bake in
Pyrex. The lighter weight pans heat up more quickly than the Pyrex.

I don't suggest using the foil pans for roasting a bird, unless you
put a cookie sheet underneath it to keep it from buckling and dumping
pan drippings all over.

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