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Default TN: Small Carnival Gathering (Brouilly, Aligoté, NZ Riesling, CdR)

Jim wrote:

> *2003 Jean-Claude Lapalu Brouilly Croix des Rameaux - France, Burgundy,
> Beaujolais, Brouilly*

> As it is, it is almost there. But I feel a bit like I'm buying some
> kind of pirated good in a back alley in Beijing. If I'd wanted a pinot
> from the Côte d'Or, I would have bought a basic bourgogne from
> Geantet-Pansiot or Lafarge. Those were available for about the same
> money. I wanted to buy a Beaujolais (and a lighter, brighter wine like
> the Brouilly it claims to be).

That's asking an awful lot from the "vintage of the sun."
Personally, I wouldn't judge an estate from the performance of their
'03, nor would I assume that in other years their wines might not have
far more typicity.

Mark Lipton