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Default Cola or diet cola?

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When we lived in Florida we always asked for unsweetened tea...because if
you didn't you would usually get sweetened Tea...Those Southerners do love
their Sweet Tea I alsways ask if it is freshly brewed and not

hate instant tea. Speaking of Tea...I Love Twinnings Lady Grey Tea
Iced...Sometimes I will add a sweetener to it but it is a Great tasting
Tea Most the time when we go out to dinner I aske for Pelagrino

water ...if they don't have that I just ask for Club Soda with a slice of
lemon and lime...very refreshing drink

Here, you can't get club soda unless the place has a bar.

Well here ....if you go to any nice resturant it has a don't
usually have a problem finding it The nicest thing is if the bar isn't
completely closed off of the resturant there is no smoking...Most of the
nice places just turned themselves into no smoking resturant bars. I love it
....there is nothing worse than trying to eat when the room is filled with
smoke. I never realized how much I enjoyed it until we traveled through
Texas and the resturants didn't even have smoking sections.

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