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On 1 Feb 2006 03:13:26 -0800, "sam" > wrote:

>My 2 year old daughter is a very fussy eater, eating nothimg but
>yoghurts and turkey dinasours has anyone got any tips on how I could
>get her to eat?

Can you have a real conversation with her? At that age, some kids can
reason, some not. If she can, tell her why she must eat "like
everybody", and then feed her like the rest of the family - if she
doesn't eat, she won't, but after a few meals she will. If she can't,
give her what she wants and wait a few months, then proceed as above
(I did just that with my then-18-month-old son, who ate nothing but
yogurts and applesauce for 6 months - he now is a terrific non-fussy

Nathalie in Switzerland