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> You're welcome. I hope you find a solution that makes you comfortable.
> That's what's important. Humor or lightheartedness can help difuse a
> difficult social situation.
> I don't like check-splitting (except under certain circumstances). Here,
> the waitperson usually says, "Will this be one ticket?" Phrased that way,
> the PC answer is "yes". To pipe up and say "no" sounds like you are
> saying, "What? Are you crazy? Do I look like I would want to trust this
> person to split the bill fairly???"

When I was living in Germany, waiters actually always asked: split or
separate? With separate being the most common answer. I like that. I you
wanted to buy the other person's stuff, it looked better than in your
usual scenario, by the sound of it.

> So, I've found saying, "separate", without hesitation (and before anybody
> else says "yes" simply based on the way it sounds) works well. Most people
> as just as happy, if not more so, to have their own ticket. I've never had
> anybody say, "Geez, I'm offended by that!" Of course, It helps if this can
> be established the first time out with anybody. It's harder to do later
> on.
> Have a great time skiing. Got crockpot? And, *don't* break a leg.

No crockpots. They are almost impossible to find in Holland or Germany.
People don't even know they exist.

I'll try not to break a leg. Although I could use a proper break (I'm

> Elaine, too