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Elaine Parrish wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Jan 2006, jake wrote:
>>>am I the only one who has no problem dividing a bill properly? If no one
>>>is treating me to a dinner, I order whatever I want, and pay for it.
>>>There is no way that I would split a bill evenly. Why do you guys do it
>>>that way?

>>I do it because of group pressure from people who have already entered
>>the stadium of semi-drunkenness (when the bill arrives) and who don't
>>give nearly as much thought to budgets as I do. Or who may simply never
>>have been as poor as I have been and thus have a different understanding
>>of money. I feel very uncomfortable bringing the subject up (it 5:1).

> I agree that you could keep a running total of your part and put that in
> and let them make up the rest.
> The easiest thing to do is: when the waitperson approaches the table, say,
> "I'd like a separate ticket, please".
> If you're sharing a pizza, announce: I'll toss in my share of the pizza.
> Do the math and toss your share of the pizza into the center of the table.
> If they rib you about it, announce, jovially, when I start drinking as
> much as you do, I'll pay as much as you do.
> or
> "Gee, do I look like the booze subsidy? ha ha.
> or
> haha. I'm only trying to help you guys out. I feel guilty helping to get
> you drunk everytime we come here by subsidizing your booze bill.
> Or (As we say in the South), I didn't take you to raise (haha). If you're
> gonna drink so much, you're going to have to pay for it yourself.
> Blow it off and move on - insisting on your own ticket.
> If they can't deal with it, but you feel put upon by paying extra, find
> some new friends.
> I'm old and blunt. Life is too short to feel "buyer's remorse" when you've
> let yourself be put in a situation that isn't right by people who are
> doing the wrong thing. Stand up for what is fair here. If they have a
> problem with it, then they aren't "friends" worth having. If you value
> their brand of friendship more than the money it costs you, then accept
> that as the price of the friendship and don't allow any buyer's remorse.
> Elaine, too

Elaine, thank you so much for coming up with all these diffrent
suggestions. I'll be going on a short trip with the group of people in
question. If this issue should come up, I'll have some new approachjes
to try. One way or another, I am ok with paying more than my share on
occasion. It doens't feel right if ti happens on every occasion.

I will be doing the advance shopping for food etc. This time there won't
be many meals eaten out, if any. Simply because it's more relaxing than
having to go find a restaurant after a strenous day of skiing. Skiing!
It will be my first time, I am very excited. And the cottage has a
fireplace. Hot chocolate and rum will be on the grocery list

Thanks again for your thoughts, I appreciate them.