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(S'mee) wrote:

> I was checking out Gloria's Sweet & Sour Cocktail Meatball recipe
> (which sounds excellent, btw; my sibling makes something very similar).
> Anyway, I figured I wouldn't bother to save the recipe because Miguel
> (DH) doesn't like meatballs of any kind. Or white sauce. Or coconut.
> Or most sandwiches. *Sigh*
> Now I'm sure at least 10 people are queuing up to tell me I should
> make him eat it anyway, because they certainly wouldn't put up with
> that. But I'm more interested in knowing what kind of fussiness
> the rest of you may have to deal with...

My own fussiness comes to mind. I have some friends (and family) who
will eat any food item at least once. Not me. The list of stuff I
dislike (or refuse to try is very long). Still, I have never had a
problem finding something to eat, so I don't worry about it.