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OmManiPadmeOmelet wrote:
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> "Bob Terwilliger" > wrote:
>> Elaine replied to Nathalie:
>> >> "cooked fish sushi" (an oxymoron IMO).

>> The term "sushi" refers to the rice, not to what's on it. Eel sushi is
>> cooked, but it's still sushi.
>> <snip>
>> > I don't know if it was steamed, blanched, poached, or something else. I
>> > saw Emeril "cook" some fish by making a marinade (with lemon juice?) and
>> > just soaking it for a few minutes. It still looked "raw", but he kept
>> > saying, "see how it is cooking?" Then he served it in some dish he had
>> > billed as "raw" something or other. So, apparently, it was raw, but it

>> > cooked. Does that make sense? So maybe they aren't "cooking" it, but just
>> > soaking it in something.

>> You're talking about seviche. We've discussed it here many times. When fish
>> is soaked in an acidic solution, the proteins change in the same way as if
>> the fish was cooked. It's a very common preparation in Latin American and
>> Caribbean cuisines.
>> > I really don't know. I wasn't eating it and didn't plan to, so I wasn't
>> > real inquisitive. I tasted the shrimp one and the California Roll, but
>> > didn't care for the clump of cold rice or the wasabi.

>> The "clump of cold rice" is what MAKES it sushi. If all you want is the
>> other stuff without the rice, don't ask for sushi.
>> Bob

> Ask for Sashimi. ;-)
> It's even MORE expensive!!!

oh, but the super fatty salmon is so so so good!

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