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notbob wrote:
> On 2006-01-21, sarah bennett > wrote:
>>it's about halfway down. If the water comes from a municipal source, it
>>has to be labeled as such.

> More mis-information from VI(TM). Labeling laws are different
> from state to state and they all have plenty of loopholes. In CA,
> water labeled spring water must actually come from a true spring and
> cannot be filtered tap water. OTOH, it doesn't have to be the same
> spring the brand was originally named after. Also, it's not required
> to list as ingredients small amounts of added salt or chlorine. Very
> few bottled waters are free of both. I know of only one. Many b/w's
> are incredibly salty. Perrier is a freaking cow lick in a bottle!
> nb

Ok, I guess Sheldon's right about that one.



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