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"Glitter Ninja" > wrote in message
> Elaine Parrish > writes:
>>water with them (I mark that as considerate), however, in my home or in
>>their own, they filled their glasses with ice from the ice maker and then
>>poured their bottled water over it. What is it that they think they have -

> That's weird. Seriously weird. When we lived in a house in the old
> part of town, the water was so bad we had to buy filtered water from the
> grocery store, and we filled our ice cube trays with the filtered
> store-bought water. You could tell if you froze the tap water (usually
> because of the chunks in it. Ew.) My job was in the old part of town,
> too, and I got sick one day drinking too much water from the water
> fountain.
> I suspect for those who use both bottled and tap, it's preference and
> not necessity. I fully admit that I prefer bottled in many situations,
> even if it's just filtered tap water and nothing special, because
> getting ill on crappy water was a terrible feeling I don't want to
> repeat.
> Stacia

Living one place (where I won't mention) and we were on the local water, we
had brown chunks in our water. When I called, they said it was dried
leaves, not to worry.
Yeah, right!
Dee Dee