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>>> Michael Siemon wrote:
>>>> It is also, if well done, so damned "pretty" that I can hardly imagine
>>>> even the most squeamish of fellow diners having any problem watching
>>>> me eat the raw stuff, even if they demur on having it themselves!
>>> It *is* quite pretty. That's about all I like about it. Honestly, I
>>> don't "get" what the big deal is. I think a lot of people who ooh and
>>> aaahh over it simply do so because it's trendy.

>> I have a deceased relative who always said that people ate this or that
>> because it was trendy and ate it with no regard to taste; for instance,
>> that no one could really tell the difference between jug wine and $50
>> wine if they were put to the test; that Long John Silver served fish as
>> good as the best fish houses, and on-and-on-and on. It didn't take me
>> long to realize this particular relative, IMO, was just plain CHEAP!
>> Dee Dee

> There are people who really can't tell the difference. Rather than admit
> it, they claim that people who can tell the difference are just being
> trendy.
> --
> Peter Aitken

You drive home a good idea. So Pity the person who doesn't appreciate the
vive-la-difference; just think, Poor Soul.
Dee Dee