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Elaine Parrish > writes:

>water with them (I mark that as considerate), however, in my home or in
>their own, they filled their glasses with ice from the ice maker and then
>poured their bottled water over it. What is it that they think they have -

That's weird. Seriously weird. When we lived in a house in the old
part of town, the water was so bad we had to buy filtered water from the
grocery store, and we filled our ice cube trays with the filtered
store-bought water. You could tell if you froze the tap water (usually
because of the chunks in it. Ew.) My job was in the old part of town,
too, and I got sick one day drinking too much water from the water
I suspect for those who use both bottled and tap, it's preference and
not necessity. I fully admit that I prefer bottled in many situations,
even if it's just filtered tap water and nothing special, because
getting ill on crappy water was a terrible feeling I don't want to