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On Fri, 20 Jan 2006 05:42:45 GMT, "Jen" >

>It seems wrong to me that a waitress should be able to get more money than a
>nurse!! Here the more expensive restaurants can pay a lot more to their
>staff for good workers, but anybody working, even if they're not good at it,
>would receive the minimum wage, they probably won't stay at it though -
>people who are rude probably don't like their job anyway. People who are
>good at what they do are the ones getting the jobs.

A lot of less highly skilled people get paid more than nurses. Nurses
salaries are not going up in a lot of places, and in some states,
there are state Hospital associations that have a cap on nurse's
salaries. And in the South, and some of the Plains states, nurses
salaries are abysmal, especially for the amount of responsibility that
a nurse has. Plus, as Sheldon so correctly said, the amount of abuse
we take from doctors, etc. And folks wonder why there is a nursing

Christine, RN