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aem wrote:
> Dave Smith wrote:
>>jmcquown wrote
>>>>OK, now you're being weird... first you don't "get" Thai tea and now
>>>>you like lima beans. Odd, very very odd. LOL
>>>I don't "get" people who don't like lima beans! I love them. But like
>>>Elaine, they have to be fresh or frozen.

>>I don't get what people like about them. There are some vegetables that I
>>like more than others, some that I prefer certain ways, some that I would
>>just as well not eat, but lima beans is/ are <?> one that I just plain don't

> Me, too. There's a reason the ham and lima beans meal in a case of
> C-rations was always the last to go (unless your unit had troops from
> South Carolina -- for some reason they liked 'em). Same reason that
> meal had a notorious nickname. -aem

which was?



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