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Rudy Toot
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Default Twelve Aphorisms to Change Thinking and Behavior

As Tony Robbins is fond of saying, to make lasting change, we need to turn
our shoulds into musts. He argues that we have to bring emotion to the

I began talking to my inner "fat man" and getting angry with him. This
emotion led me to becoming an advocate for change. Advocacy led to ego
bonding with the ideas and that led to behavior change. Anger, love, fear,
gratitude and our ego are useful tools to draw on.

You may want to compose a few personal ones for yourself to start bonding
to the ideas and becoming your own advocate.

Thanks for the kind words. God bless you and good luck on your endeavor.
We owe this change to all who love us including ouselves.

"sharppointy1" wrote in message
I know these are your aphorisms, but can I borrow them? They are
perfect for me, too!
She who needs to lose some more pounds.