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Rudy Toot
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Default Twelve Aphorisms to Change Thinking and Behavior

Composing personal aphorisms is one way of bonding to ideas leading to new
behaviors. Ben Franklin wrote about this technique in his autobiography.

These sentences are critical of no one but myself. They are part of my
self-talk program that helped me change behaviors I never thought possible.
My battle will not end in this lifetime.

My Twelve Aphorisms

1. I am a good person, but my sixty extra pounds of fat is a bad crowd I
must no longer hang with.

2. I will no longer be a cash cow for the fast food industry.

3. That whole pizza I want to eat will go straight to my butt and blow a
hole in my pants.

4. I have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear because nothing

5. My thighs were not intended to produce heat from friction.

6. Hell would be having to watch a replay of my life, especially all those
days I sat expressionless watching TV and eating Ding Dongs.

7. Full length mirrors are not a curse from Hell. They merely present one
view that the world has of me.

8. I will not fear losing weight and developing a skinny butt because I can
always buy an attractive seat cushion.

9. God didn't make me fat. I did.

10. Before I return my body to Mother Earth, I resolve to do what's
necessary to prevent my pall bearers from getting a hernia or heart attack.

11. This body I leased from God was of normal weight. I'd like to return it
in the same condition.

12. For a diabetic, Fat Acceptance is like greasing a slippery slope.