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Default UPDATE and REQ: Trying to Salvage Frozen Food

Dan Abel wrote:
> In article >,
> "jmcquown" > wrote:
>> place on the door for eggs). Worst of all, the doors open in the
>> opposite direction from what I've been used to for nearly 20 years!
>> LOL That is going to take some getting used to.

> Nearly all fridges are designed so that the handles and hinges can be
> mounted on either side. I have no idea how hard that is or how long
> it takes.
> If you are going to have this fridge for long, it might be worth
> checking into. It's never mattered to me, but if you think about some
> possible kitchen layouts, it's essential to have the door open in a
> certain way.

You're right; in this case it doesn't matter. But I keep grabbing at the
left side of the door and realizing - heh - there isn't a handle there.
Then I laugh at myself and carry on