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Default Trying to Salvage Frozen Food

Puester wrote:
>> On Thu 29 Dec 2005 11:58:29a, jmcquown wrote in
>>> Some time during the night my almost 20 year old refrigerator
>>> decided to die. It stopped cooling 2-3 years ago but if I hit it
>>> in the right spot the compressor would kick in again. Then after
>>> that it just started working all by itself again. No such luck
>>> this time.
>>> I brought my own refrigerator to this apartment but they are going
>>> to have maintenance bring me a replacement. Sadly, the replacement
>>> refrigerator is tiny (14 cu. ft); not that mine was huge but you'd
>>> be surprised what a difference 4 cu. ft. makes.
>>> Meanwhile, all my frozen stuff is almost completely thawed out. I
>>> have it in a cooler with ice and will try to salvage as much of it
>>> as I can. What a pain in the a** this is! At least it answers the
>>> question about what to do with my leftover dressing... throw it
>>> away LOL
>>> OB Food: not sure I'll have any


> Ugh. How much of the food can you cook then refreeze?
> gloria p
> whose fingers are all crossed that our 32 yr. old
> upright freezer in the garage will last forever.

Luckily for me a lot of the food was previously cooked frozen leftovers,
well packaged and I kept it cool after the OMG! incident. I think I managed
to salvage quite a bit, except for the suddenly defrosted seafood. (sigh)
I'm gonna have to cook that tonight or tomorrow. Oh well