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Default Trying to Salvage Frozen Food

"Nancy Young" > wrote in message
> "jmcquown" > wrote
>> Nancy Young wrote:

>>> Do you know of a scratch and dent place? You can get a new
>>> refrigerator, full warranty/whatever, for a very reasonable
>>> amount of money.

>> Thanks, I'll check around. In the meantine I have to do something *now*,

> Yes, I understand that, it wasn't meant to fix your immediate
> food problem.

Yuk, I feel for you. I babied my ailing fridge along for almost 3 months.
Numerous trips back and forth to the small fridge and freezer down in the
basement when it conked out unexpectedly.

Mine wasn't that old in fridge years - perhaps 7; so I really wasn't to give
up on it.

Long story short -- and $230 later, the fridge person came and replaced a
part. Damn, for another $250 I could have bought a new fridge. BTW - the
fridge person advised me to buy cheap since fridge parts go really quickly.
I'll keep that in mind.