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Tony P.
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Default What mixer would be the minimum you would recommend for cookie dough?

In article .com,
A lot of you have KA or equivalent type stand mixers. What would be the
absolute entry level mixer you could recommend- stand or hand- for
mixing cookie dough?
Thank you

Mixers for Cookie dough?...
.If I make in small quantities .I don't bother using mixers for that..
f..grin....unless you are interested in making well aerated cookies
where eggs are to be beaten well. such as lady finges sponge drops and
meringue based cookies.....

Actually my 12 year old Sunbeam Mixmaster works just fine for cookie
dough. It's a 228W unit and adequate for those needs.

But I need to get something a little heavier because I'm into the bread
thing now and kneading by hand can get tedious.

So I'll probably end up with a KA series myself.