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Default OT - Synthetic Whiskey

You can buy charred oak barrels and you can make something a lot like
Canadian whiskey with them.

Basically you fill the charred barrel up with vodka/everclear mix ( you
need the higher proof as alcohol will evaporate).

You will NOT get something like a fine scotch or burbon though. When
those makers distill their spirits they leave a lot of the extra
"stuff" in there that gives it the flavor. You can buy this stuff
"Shine On" which is unaged corn whiskey, taste that along side vodka
and you will see what I mean.

Now, what woudl be interesting is if yuou made a wheat or corn wine,
mixed it liberally with everclear (you want it to be something like 67%
alcohol going into the barrel) and then age that in charred oak. That
may be interesting.