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Erroll Ozgencil
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Default OT - Synthetic Whiskey

I think about distilling now and again, but I never get serious about
it - it's illegal here in the Land Of The Free. But I got to thinking
that while distilling might be interesting and fun in and of itself,
it's only one step in making spirits. Once you've done your distilling,
my understanding is that you've got something like high proof vodka and
that if you wanted to make whiskey out of it, you'd put it in a charred
oak barrel and come back in a few years.

So maybe there's an interesting, fun, and legal way to make whiskey or
other spirits at home. Suppose I put some medium or heavy toast oak
chips in a gallon jug, filled it with vodka, stoppered it with a rubber
bung, and put it in a dark corner of the basement. Would that turn into
whiskey in a year or twelve? Would it be any good?