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Default Allotment films was Venison

Following up to sarah

>> > I was! How about Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman as green *******
>> > couple who want to learn to grow their own food, struggle at
>> > first but eventually accept help from old hand whom they slowly
>> > realise they are attracted to, after some inexplicable stuff
>> > about fertility to fool people its art, all three realise a
>> > menage a trois is the way forward and the film ends with lots of
>> > naked rolling about in the crops.
>> > Lets call it "the rakes progress".
>> > I know someone who could play the male lead. Damn, now you know
>> > what I daydream about during all that digging :-)
>> >

>> Saw a dvd last night featuring the Irish actress Flora Montgomery. Could we
>> include her as a love interest?
>> (Note the "we").

How much love interest is this film having? OK, she can be the
leads old flame (that means filming some flashbacks with me) who
turns up to rent the plot next to you, you can write the rest of
the sub plot which presumably features her taking an interest in
your marrows or something!

>There won't be any vegetables left after all that rolling about :-)

Better, roll about in the fruit.

"carry on up the allotment" would have worked.
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