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"The Reid" > wrote in message
> Following up to sarah
>>> "Cabbage patch dolls" ?

>>urgh. Not for me. Hugh Grant portrays characters so... ineffectual.

> I thought north Americans liked him? OK someone else.
>>How about something akin to 'Calendar Girls' based on a battle to save the
>>allotments from an avaricious developer?

> not quite what I'm looking for.
>>Just *think* of the
>>photographic possibilities...

> I was! How about Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman as green *******
> couple who want to learn to grow their own food, struggle at
> first but eventually accept help from old hand whom they slowly
> realise they are attracted to, after some inexplicable stuff
> about fertility to fool people its art, all three realise a
> menage a trois is the way forward and the film ends with lots of
> naked rolling about in the crops.
> Lets call it "the rakes progress".
> I know someone who could play the male lead. Damn, now you know
> what I daydream about during all that digging :-)

Saw a dvd last night featuring the Irish actress Flora Montgomery. Could we
include her as a love interest?
(Note the "we").