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The Reid > wrote:

> Following up to sarah
> >Perhaps i'm
> >> roboallotmenter?

> >
> >"Terminator <x>: The Allotment Beckons" ?

> its about time Hugh Grant made a film about allotments, I don't
> want a gritty northern school of cinema - "life's hard lass and
> t'turnips wont grow" type of thing. More soft focus, flowers and
> birds, glamorous plot holders and sowing of seed behind the
> compost heap.
> "Cabbage patch dolls" ?

urgh. Not for me. Hugh Grant portrays characters so... ineffectual. How
about something akin to 'Calendar Girls' based on a battle to save the
allotments from an avaricious developer? Just *think* of the
photographic possibilities... M&S ads are nothing by comparison.


Think of it as evolution in action.