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On Mon, 19 Dec 2005 22:18:06 GMT, "graham" > wrote:

>I don't recall ever reacting to "Sheep's parsley" as a kid. Until these
>posts, I didn't know of these complaints/reactions and the Umbellifera are
>such an important source of food, herbs and spices.

As I recall, water parsley is deadly poisonous and hemlock is also one
of the family. Don't try this at home. I wonder if our distant
ancestors had to treat parsnips to detoxify them and gradually bred
the poisons out. Perhaps they were used for "medicinal" properties
before they became ordinary vegetables. But then all sorts of foods
are poisonous if we eat enough, don't prepare them properly or are
unlucky enough to be susceptible. Some beans are well known for
containing arsenic and even potatoes are poisonous if we eat an
unfeasibly large amount. Others may know more.
Phil C.