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The Reid > wrote:

> Following up to sarah
> >> >Speaking (as it were) of parsnips, does anyone else find that one or two
> >> >of them seem to leave the mouth/tongue/lips slightly numb? I know it's
> >> >in the same family as some rather nasty plants;
> >>
> >> not happened to me but its sap makes your skin hypersensitive to
> >> sunlight, causing burns.

> >
> >Yup. I've experimented with that in some of its wild relatives. The
> >numbness is strange, though. I should ask him if he's noticed it.

> Just go easier on the vodka.

Haven't got any (as in never had, not none left :-). Just scotch,
brandy, rum, gin and assorted wines, fortified and otherwise.


Think of it as evolution in action.