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sarah > wrote:

> The Reid > wrote:
> > Following up to sarah
> >
> > >When I lost both my upper front milkteeth at the same time I couldn't
> > >talk without whistling and people laughed at me. My mother cooked my
> > >favourite meal to cheer my up... yes, sweetcorn. And being
> > >NorthAmerican, I usually ate mine without benefit of knife and fork. I
> > >think I burst into tears and ran from the table!

> >
> > all together ahhhhhhhhhh.

> I've just *really* realised all of this has been x-posted to
> But no one's commented, so perhaps we're alone in here
> :-)

I think you'll find most posters to both groups have also lost milkteeth
at one point or another in the past.



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