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The Reid > wrote:

> Following up to Peter Ward
> >I like fruit with meat, but as a flavouring, sometimes part of a
> >stuffing, not as a major component. I quite like a nice, sweet korma.
> >Fried onions are quite sweet, but so delicious. As mentioned
> >elsewhere, parsnips and sweet potatoes seem to be so overwhelmingly
> >sweet to me that they are unpalatable. And, of course, I am
> >experimenting with making some puds less sweet.
> >
> >You know, the more I think about this, the less logic there seems to
> >be.

> LOL, I'm putting sweet veg in my main couse and not eating
> dessert, youre having desserts but no sweet veg! Its just taste,
> isnt it? And calories of course. How about a parsnip dessert?

I bet there are lots of WWII recipes for it. I find the thought of
parsnip flavoured dessert rather off-putting (it's such a strong,
distinctive flavour), but I suppose if it was highly spiced, cinnamon,
nutmeg, a few raisins... it could be alright.

Speaking (as it were) of parsnips, does anyone else find that one or two
of them seem to leave the mouth/tongue/lips slightly numb? I know it's
in the same family as some rather nasty plants; I just wondered if some
roots contain a higher concentration of something. Or perhaps it's my
first food allergy!


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